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After the success of the 2020 virtual offering, we are excited to once again deliver an innovative, collaborative and informative conference experience in an online environment that prioritizes the health and safety of attendees

Rethink, Redesign & Renew
Next Gen Technology, Strategy and Beyond

Our recent past has undoubtedly tested our resilience, ability to adapt and vision for the future. As we venture into the uncharted – unfamiliar as it may seem – it’s up to us as an industry to serve as leading drivers of innovation versus passengers waiting for the road to be laid by others.


At the 2021 Somos Summit, join us for an exciting journey where key influencers, thought leaders and SMEs will converge to Rethink, Redesign & Renew what’s next. Together, we’ll chart the uncharted through a series of forward-looking keynotes, engaging panel discussions and more.


Whether you seek to rethink what’s next, redesign your solutions and technology, renew the future of communication and connectivity or all the above, the 2021 Somos Summit offers the perfect opportunity to be at the forefront of leading inspiration, invention and influence.

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